The Expulsive Power of a New Affection ….part 1

In some old files, I came across an article written over a dozen years ago by Roberta Winter (of U.S. Center for World Mission fame) entitled The Non-Essentials of Life. In it, she outlines six principles regarding lifestyle that she and her husband Ralph lived by during their long and distinguished missionary careers:

Principle One: Our lifestyle must please the Lord, yet it should not in small matters be so shockingly different from those among whom we walk as to make unintelligible the message we wish to convey.

Principle Two: A simple lifestyle in the U.S. can still seem extravagant to most of the people in the world. Yet our geographic isolation does not reduce our obligation in God’s eyes to people at a distance.

Principle Three:
We don’t really need most of the things our culture would push off on us. Once we learn to resist social pressure, it is far easier to determine what we really want or need.

Principle Four:
There ought not be any connection between what is earned and what needs to be spent. You don’t buy things just because you have the money.

Principle Five: It is much easier to adopt a simple lifestyle if you join a support group (or be part of a community) that covenants together to live on less.

Principle Six: The foundation of the simple lifestyle is “the expulsive power of a new affection.”

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