Emerging church interest in Singapore

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Along with Tom Middleton (back row center) I spent an afternoon with this remarkable group of people in Singapore. They wanted to interact about the “emerging church.”

I had no idea I would find such understanding or interest in Asia. Among the questions we delved into together were:

1.What are emerging churches? What are the characteristics and commonalities?

2. To what extent is it a western/urban phenomena with western values and does it look differently in Asia and in their culture?

3. What’s are the consequences and the reach of globalization and the secular, postmodern elements of such?

4. How do fresh expressions of “church” occur in their context? Will these expressions be within existing evangelical instititutions or something new?

5. What price may they have to pay as they cooperate with God to engage their own generation with the Gospel, living it out in forms of community that are authentic, creative and missional?

6. What is apostolic giftedness and calling? How does that affect each of them as they discover God’s kingdom purposes, particularly as it relates to finding their niche in some form of the church local as well as some form of the church missionary or apostolic?

These men and women have the ability to be and to influence the next generation of leadership for the Christian movement in their nation and beyond. May God give them the courage to live out their growing convictions. May they be in our day the missional pioneers not unlike some of their ancestors who were key, formative leaders of the Singaporean church in decades past.

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  1. Sivin Says:

    I’m interested to hear how the Singaporeans responded to your answers to the questions and your thoughts on how this might related to Asia.

  2. Rick Cramblet Says:

    I’ll be in Singapore over the Easter weekend and would like to find a church to attend that is part of the “emerging” though process / interested in a witness to a post-modern society. Any suggestions on where to find this church(s)?

  3. Sam Says:


    Sorry, I don’t have a recommendation There are some individuals and the loose group that I mentioned above but not anything to the point that I would suggest is identifiable enough for someone to check out.

  4. Monte Says:

    I am classic Pentecostal, but share emphathies with emergents, because I have turned towards what’s being identified as postevangelical movement. I would enjoy opportunity to dialogue or meet with any like minded people here in Singapore where I live.

  5. andrew jones Says:

    love to hear what happened. i know i and many others were greatly influenced by ralph neighbour and faith comm. baptist church in singapore

    do you think the cell church in singapore is one of the best expressions of emerging church there?

  6. Michael Says:

    Hello Bros & Sis in Christ,
    Nice to know that there are more seekers out there in Singapore.
    I know there are more believers in this journey.
    So far I am in good contact with two groups here in Singapore,
    even though I heard of other groups here.
    Look forward to get to know more groups here.

  7. andrew jones (tsk) Says:

    hello. me again

    i hope to be in singapore on Nov 18th. if anyone is interested on a discussion regarding what has happened to the global emerging church in the past few years, its links with Singapore house/cell church movement, and how it is looking today around the world, I would be happy to talk about it. let me know. its been 25 years since i was in singapore (outside the airport, that is)

    and Sam, perhaps you could connect me with the right people if you think this is a good idea.

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