AIDS in Asia

Cambodian boy.jpg Cambodian house.jpg
This little boy, Chantol has AIDS. His father died from the disease. His mother is infected. He lives in the house in a squatter community on the Mekong, in the interior of Cambodia.

He and his family are being helped through Sunrise, a ministry of InnerCHANGE, which is CRM’s order among the poor.

Sunrise personnel, both Cambodians and Americans who work and minister in this region, are living out Jesus’ concern for the marginalized, not just talking about it. And their work is on the ground, hands-on, and deep. It’s not the short-term, drive-in and drive-out stuff that is faddish and sells in the West but accomplishes little.

They are doing it in areas of the world where the needs seem overwhelming. It is privilege to rub shoulders with such men and women who in word and deed live out the redemptive presence of Christ among the most needy. May God bless and multiply their work.

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  1. srin sereivath Says:

    I see the Pictur Oh, it is great to see it. I hop you pray for Cambodian. They are need your Praer to help.

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