tall skinny kiwi comments on Alan Hirsch

Andrew Jones, www.tallskinnykiwi.com, recently commented on an earlier post of mine (Jan 31) about conversations with Alan Hirsh. Andrew specifically had some reflections about Hirsch and Frost’s book, Shaping of things to Come.


The comments were insightful – and provocative – so I wanted to post them separately so they would not be overlooked. He wrote:

“Shaping is a wonderful book and i love it but there are one or two things that i would add to the conversation.

1. we cannot avoid complexity. simplicity is needed in a world of complexity. simple structures enable emergence. but the end result is a multilayed ministry approach and mindset that relates to complexity (which is not the absence of simplicity)

2. new forms of hierachy are emerging but they are not institutional. aggregation on the web involves relational hierachies of information. emerging church movements, in my opinion, DO display hierachical tendencies but they are dynamical and horizontal (bring to front or send to back) – as is the dynamical hierachy of the Truine God in his creation.

3. an addition to Shaping – i think we need to understand bounded sets AND centered sets AND distributed sets (web)”

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