the Imago Dei

From the Scopes Monkey trial to the present day, it is discouraging in North America to see followers of Christ choosing battlefields and going to war culturally on the wrong turf. Lines get drawn in unfortunate places and the Christian faith suffers from self-inflicted wounds.

Regarding this issue of origins, what really makes a difference is the understanding and commitment to the Imago Dei (Genesis 1:27). Contrary to lots of the populist and emotional rhetoric, the real crux of the matter is not how creation happened, but the fact that humanity’s origin is not a matter of time, plus, chance plus matter but that we are created and have our genesis in the very being and essence of the triune God.


It’s when the Imago Dei goes that humanity inevitably descends into the nihilism of a Nietzsche, the hopelessness of a Camus and ultimately the practical consequences of an Adolph Hitler. Without the Imago Dei, the whole basis of morality and ethics in Western culture simply evaporates. It’s the image of God that really counts and where historic Christianity has always drawn the line.

One of the best elaborations of this theme that I have found over the years is the treatment given it by Francis Schaeffer in his little, often overlooked volume, Genesis in Time and Space. It’s worth the read.


Genesis in Time and Space by Francis Schaeffer

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