Why a blog?

Why a blog?

I’m not an outstanding speaker. There are many who have real gifts in public rhetoric: Tony Campolo is astonishingly capable; John Stott (in my parent’s generation) is one of the best of an era when it comes to biblical exposition; and John Piper has studied and emulated the great preachers and combines solid theological insight with superb rhetorical ability. The list could go on.


But that’s not me. I’ll probably never be on the public speaking circuit and such public notoriety and visibility is not what I have ever aspired to. When I do speak, it is usually “one-night-stands.” My prophetic edge is not exactly endearing and few find me entertaining or humorous. I’m not a popular repeat performer for institutionalized American Christianity. So I’m rarely asked back.

However, part of God’s clear calling on my life is “to challenge the Church to holistic obedience and giving of our sons and daughters to a missional life.” That’s what I do in the warp and woof of daily life and relationships. And through a blog, I hope to utilize the pen (or actually the keyboard) to stimulate, influence and perhaps provoke on a broader level.

So welcome to Under the Iceberg where one discovers that reality is rarely as it seems on the surface.

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  1. Rob Says:

    It’s that “not-so-endearing-prophetic-edge” that drew me to you, Mr. Metcalf. I pray that God will continue to refine and use that unique gifting to spiritually slap all who are comfortably numb to their senses. Check that… to their knees.

    Yes, I did borrow the phrase “comfortably numb” from Pink Floyd.

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